GE's Asian Pacific American Forum (APAF) is dedicated to attracting, developing and retaining Asian Pacific American talent and helping to create a resource pool to lead GE's global growth. APAF provides its members with the tools they need to cultivate their leadership capabilities and realize their career aspirations.

Asian Pacific American Forum

APAF is one of GE’s many diversity groups, along with the African American Forum, Hispanic Forum, Women's Network, Veteran's Network and the GLBTA Alliance. APAF is committed to the retention and growth of our members, developing world-class leaders, helping our communities, and helping GE grow in Asia. APAF has 16 hubs and 28 chapters nationally, serving the more than 9,000 Asian Pacific American (APA) employees at GE across the U.S. and Canada. Led by three national leaders and sponsored by two senior vice presidents on Jeffrey Immelt's CEC, APAF focuses on advancing the goals set forth in its mission statement. APAF has initiatives focused on leadership development, Asia careers, Asian women, education, healthcare in Cambodia, healthcare in the United States, government relations, HealthAhead, and external connections. The 2011 national meeting was attended by more than 700 high-performing APA employees, GE leaders and distinguished external guests.

Helping Our Members

APAF is committed to the retention and growth of our members and to growing world-class leaders. The forum has developed programs focused on building the skill sets of APA talent, preparing members for leadership roles, and providing exposure to senior management. Our Leadership Development Program has offered quarterly training webinars on relevant topics such as executive presence, leading in challenging times, career growth, and career transitions. Our Pipeline to Asia initiative was launched in response to the strong interest expressed by our membership for information about opportunities to work in Asia, as well as the company's interest in leveraging Asian Pacific American talent as a potential pipeline for these opportunities. A targeted focus on Asian pacific American Women aims to provide for the professional and personal development needs of Asian women at GE.

Helping Our Communities

APAF is committed to helping our communities. It has led efforts in healthcare, disaster relief fundraising, and education. It has also strengthened external connections. Through its philanthropic program Developing Health Globally (DHG), GE has improved the lives of 4.8 million people worldwide by upgrading the capabilities of rural district hospitals. In 2008, DHG included Cambodia in its program, donating needed medical equipment to eight public hospitals. The GE Foundation and the Corporate Diversity Council also launched Developing Health in the United States, a $50 million grant program that aims to increase primary care access for underserved populations. Currently, the program has been launched in 14 cities and 53 health centers. APAF and the other affinity networks have led more than 200 events and provided over 5,000 volunteer hours. In terms of disaster relief, APAF mobilized its hubs to raise money for the victims of the catastrophic earthquake and tsunami in Japan. In similar fashion, APAF drove awareness across GE about the massive flooding in Pakistan in 2010. APAF-led fundraising helped raise hundreds of thousands of dollars. Determined to help address the United States' growing educational crisis in math and science, APAF has launched a program and curriculum called Igniting Minds, which is designed to teach math fundamentals to students in public middle schools in underserved communities. Finally, APAF is building external connections to Asian professional organizations, such as ASCEND and SASE, and top collegiate schools.

Helping GE

APAF is committed to supporting GE’s initiatives. Most recently, the forum has focused on HealthAhead and Government, particularly as it relates to Asia. HealthAhead strives to educate and empower employees to take charge of their health. APAF has provided educational materials and tools to members on health and lifestyle issues that affect the Asian Pacific American population. In terms of our government initiative, in 2010, more than 300 GE leaders, APAs and external guests attended "Bridging U.S. and Asia, a Policy Symposium" in Washington, D.C. The conference brought together high-level Asian and U.S. government officials, think tank representatives, and corporate decision makers to discuss U.S.-Asia policies in trade, energy and healthcare.

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  • With the U.S. falling behind the world in math and science proficiency standings, APAF leveraged the technical expertise of its members to develop Igniting Minds™, a volunteer-led tutoring program targeted towards improving students’ confidence in these subject areas and fostering interest in pursuing STEM careers. Igniting Minds is a comprehensive 15-week program currently offered in 13 public schools in nine states and continues to expand into public schools across the U.S.
  • In 2011, Japan suffered a catastrophic earthquake and tsunami. APAF mobilized its hubs to raise money for disaster relief. With the GE Foundation contributing $3.25MM, APAF led fundraising helped raise an additional $300,000.
  • APAF fully participates in GE’s Developing Health program, which has launched in 14 cities and 53 health centers in the U.S., leading more than 200 events and providing over 5,000 volunteer hours. APAF also supports the GE Developing Health Globally program with eight hospitals in Cambodia.