People with Disabilities Network

GE is committed to taking on the world’s toughest challenges. In order to fulfill that promise around big issues like clean energy and affordable healthcare, we rely on a culture of leadership and diversity to drive innovation and productivity. That’s why GE’s employee Affinity Networks are so critical. Our Affinity Networks are making remarkable contributions to our company, our customers and our communities. These successful efforts are being felt at the local, national and international levels.

The success of diversity at GE is a reflection of the integrity of our leadership and builds a strong foundation for future leaders to continue our tradition of inclusiveness. By bringing individuals, cultures and ideas together we create a stronger company and a better world.

Established in 2016, People with Disabilities Network is GE’s newest network created with the overarching goal of fostering a business culture that recruits, develops, promotes and retains disabled employees while providing support and resources to the broader GE community. We focus our efforts on awareness, education, engagement, and ensuring our workplaces are accessible for all employees. The group’s active members also include families of people with disabilities and allies throughout the company connected by the common goal of providing an environment where employees with disabilities can connect and thrive.


Areas of Focus

  • Support

Resources & Facilities: PDN works with human resources, business leaders, and facilities to make GE a company where all employees can achieve high performance.

  • Engage

Awareness, Education & Membership:  Sponsoring events at local sites, within businesses, and across businesses, we look to attract new members, engage existing members, and educate leaders and employees to create an inclusive culture for people with disabilities.

  • Grow

Recruiting & Career Development:  The People with Disabilities Network works with the recruiting and human resources teams to recruit and retain people with disabilities and with existing employees on skills development and enrichment opportunities designed to help them grow their careers.


The New Company-Wide "People With Disabilities Network" at GE

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