The vision of the GE Veterans Network is to make GE the employer of choice for veterans, reservists, and guardsmen while creating a GE community of veterans and veteran leaders to support and encourage the career development and growth of all its members while also serving the veteran community nationwide through national and local community service events.

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Veterans Network

The GE Veterans Network (GEVN) is a new addition to GE’s group of affinity networks and employee groups that allow employees with common backgrounds and interests to get to know colleagues inside and outside of their businesses, broaden personal and professional networks and give back to others.

The GEVN will create a community to support, develop and promote the unique characteristics of military veterans throughout GE’s businesses and local communities and also focus on fostering a culture inside the company that recruits, transitions, develops and retains veterans as an essential leadership pipeline at GE.

"Military veterans have grown to be a sizable group of employees at GE and we want to give them the opportunity to communicate with and support each other as they navigate their career beyond the military," said GE’s Chief Diversity Officer, Deb Elam.

GE currently recruits military veterans through our Junior Officer Leadership Program (JOLP) as well as through hiring programs that target those finished with their active duty commitments.

GE Veterans Summit

The GE Veterans Network was established to bring greater visibility to GE's veterans and what GE has to offer for veterans. This year is the first annual gathering of the units and leadership that helped launch the Network.

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